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General conditions of Sale - Booking Centre

Article 1 : General provisions

In the framework of the law of 13 July 1992, authorized Tourist Offices can book and sell all types of services, leisure activities and accommodation of general interest as part of their services. They facilitate the procedure for the general public by offering a choice of services. The Tourist Offices are local tourist bodies placed at the disposal of service providers who are not part of them but who have concluded an agency agreement with them. In this framework the Tourist Office wishes to be able to sell, via the Internet, various services reserved for private individuals, on an individual basis, the said services to be governed by these general conditions of sale. 
All purchases and orders of services is solely reserved to users who have read and accepted the full Terms and Conditions by ticking the box that confirms your acceptance or clicking on the link that will alternatively lead you to the same page. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you are not authorised to use this web site. These terms and conditions equally depend on the availability of the service providers and any certain specific conditions made by such tourist partners/providers concerning these services will be clearly indicated on the service/product description and on the reservation confirmation. Your use of this website, whether purchasing or making reservations constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions and notices. 
The User should be at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to use this web site in accordance with all terms and conditions. 
Except in cases of fraud, when it can be proven, the user agrees to be financially responsible for all use of this web site, notably the use of the web site under you user name and password. He/she also guarantees the accuracy of their information that they provide on the website. Any use of website which would be fraudulent or considered to be fraudulent, which contravenes these present Terms and Conditions will mean that the User will be refused access to the services offered by our partners and other functions of the website.

Article 2 – Responsibility


The Tourist Office offering services to a customer is the sole contact for the latter and answers to him/her for the performance of the ordered services and the respect of the obligations stemming from these conditions of sale.
The Tourist Office cannot be held responsible for the total or partial non-performance of the ordered services or the total or partial non-respect of the obligations stipulated in these general conditions of sale, in the case of fortuitous event, force majeure, bad performance or faults committed by the customer or unexpected and uncontrollable actions by a party not involved in the provision of the services.

Article 3 – Conclusion of the contract

Any online order implies the acceptance, without restriction or reservation by the customer, of these general conditions of sale, which are displayed and can be consulted on the pages of Lyon Tourisme & Congrès and LYONRESA. The Greater Lyon Convention and Tourist Office makes information available on the Website to help visitors find what they are seeking. The descriptions and photographs of the services given on the Website are solely designed to give an idea of the chosen service provider and are only provided for information and to give some insight into the category and level of standing of a service. 
If the customer does not consider that he/she is sufficiently informed on the characteristics of the services that he/she wishes to order, he/she can, before placing any order, request further information on these services from the Tourist Office. 
By placing an order, the customer implicitly acknowledges to have obtained all desired information on the nature and characteristics of the ordered services. 
The service contract becomes firm and definitive when the customer has validated his/her booking page on the Website where the recap of the ordered services appears. 
Until these conditions are fulfilled, the service contract shall not be considered to be concluded and the Tourist Office shall, in no way, be bound to perform the ordered services 

Article 4 – Written Confirmation

The Tourist Office undertakes to confirm to the customer, by e-mail or, failing this, in written paper format, at the latest before the start of the ordered services, the conditions and terms for exercising the right to retract from which the customer benefits, the address to which the customer can present his/her complaints.

Article 5 – No right to retract 

The legal provisions relating to remote selling provided for in the Consumer Code specify that the right to retract is not applicable to tourist services (article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code). Consequently, for any order for the provision of a service made with the Greater Lyon Convention and Tourist Office, you do not benefit from the right to retract 

Lyon Tourisme et Congrès (The Greater Lyon Convention and tourist Office) 
Place Bellecour – BP 2254 – 69214 LYON CEDEX 02 France
Tel. 33 (0)4 72 77 69 69 – Fax 33 (0)4 72 77 62 47 – E-mail. [email protected] -

Article 6 – Price – Payment

Unless otherwise indicated on LYONRESA, the prices given on the Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office Website are in Euros, include VAT and do not include booking, delivery or issue costs. 
Additional local taxes payable on the spot may be imposed by local authorities (tourist tax, resort tax, etc.) and are payable by you. Order with obligation to pay. 
The prices correspond to the stipulated services as they have been described on the Website. The Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office reserves the right to modify, at any time, the price of its services in agreement with the service provider. In the case of modification, the price applied shall be the price in force on the date of validation of the “Shopping Basket” page of LYONRESA. Prices shown on LYONRESA can be changed at any time without prior notice, however such modifications will not apply to previously made and accepted reservations, except if these modifications take effect more than 30 days before the planned date.
The payments made on the Website shall be by credit/debit card (Carte Bleu, Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted) through the intermediary of a secure payment system. 
When making a reservation or booking, the client is in direct contact with the secured payment system of Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office, which guarantees the confidentiality of all information provided. The secure payment system validates the bank card used for the transaction before granting the autorisation of payment and it will automatically confirm the acceptance/decline.

Article 7 – Conditions concerning the performance of the services

The duration of each service is specified on LYONRESA. Taking into account that this is fixed, it shall not, in any circumstances, be extended beyond the expiry date of the service. For the correct performance of certain services, the customer must show up on the specified day at the indicated times or directly contact the service provider. Conditions concerning the performance of the services. All bookings and reservations are final (however cancellations can sometimes be possible, see relevant terms and conditions in article 9). The current Terms and Conditions are valid up until and including 01/10/2014. This edition cancels and replaces previous versions.

7-2. Products & tourist services and packages

The hours and schedules indicated should be respected in order to guarantee the smooth running of the tourist service/event. In the event where the client is late, without him/her informing the service provider of their arrival time, the reservation will only remain valid if the tourist provider accepts it out of a gesture of goodwill. In cases where the tourist provider is not at liberty to wait for clients and the activity is missed due to the client lateness, another date may be offered to the client. If no other possible date can be made, the client is solely held responsible for being late and will be charged the full amount of the service. 
There may be instances when certain activities proposed by the providers and stated in the description on LYONRESA are cancelled, notably in reason of weather conditions, events beyond their control, services/ events outside of the high tourist season or if there is an insufficient number of participants in order for a particular activity to take place. 
A cancellation of any type of activity in reason of an unforeseen event or in case of actions by a contractual third party the client will not in any situation receive compensation from the Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office. 
7-5. Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office’s Products
Upon purchase of a Lyon City Card and any other Lyon City Card events or with discount, free admission to tourist sites and guided tours with these 3 passes are subject to availability.
In terms of the guided tours and visits, unless otherwise stated except by Tourist Office, the meeting point is clearly indicated on the description of the guided tour/visit. 
Visits and tours proposed all depend on days and opening hours of the different monuments, museums and other establishments. In unforeseen and unplanned closures, the Tourist Office will be in no case be held responsible for activities/events/visits that were unable to take place, and this closure will be considered as a fortuitous event. 
In the event of a cancellation made by the Tourist Office, it is our obligation to use all reasonable endeavors to notify client before the beginning of the service/event. The client will then be refunded and without penalty of the sum already paid. However, these provisions do not apply when the client is offered another guided visit/tour offered/proposed by the Tourist Office.

Article 8 - Booking Confirmations

On validation of the booking, in the conditions fixed under article 3 of these general conditions of sale, the customer will receive by e-mail or in a written paper format a booking confirmation that the customer must pass on to the relevant service providers. 
 These booking confirmations can, however, depending on the time between the booking date and the date of stay, be directly handed over to the customer on his/her arrival at the Tourist Office or, failing this, the customer shall be able to provide his/her booking number indicated on the booking confirmation and show his/her passport to the service provider.

Article 9 - Cancellation / modification by the customer

All requests for cancellation must clearly indicate the booking number, and the name and other relevant personal particulars of the persons concerned by the cancellation. The cancellation by the customer of part of the ordered service is considered to be a partial cancellation. 
All requests of cancellation can only be accepted following a formally written letter posted and sent to the Greater Lyon Tourist Office and not to the tourist providers/companies themselves. Any request for cancellation must be made by letter to the Greater Lyon Tourist Office Central Booking Office. 
In the case of cancellation by e-mail or fax, it is essential to forward to the Tourist Office the acknowledgement of receipt as proof of sending and the booking cancellation declaration (Fax: + (33) (0)4 72 77 62 47 – Email: [email protected] – Place Bellecour – BP 2254 – 69214 LYON CEDEX 02 France).
In addition, when you make a modification on the Website, it is your responsibility to ensure that this modification does not have any repercussion on any other product or service that you have bought. The cancellation of a booking made though the Central Booking Office must be declared when the Greater Lyon Tourist Office is open (opening hours and days: daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. except 25/12, 1/1 and 01/05. 
9-2. Bookings and reservations of Products and Tourist Services and packages “Credit card will be charged upon reservation – Prepaid”

In the event of total or partial cancellation by the client, the Tourist Office has the right to incur penalties and fines to the client, according to the following conditions: 
* In the event of total or partial cancellation by the client, at least 72 hours before the beginning of the service/event (the hour taken into account is fixed at 12pm, midday) the expected date of arrival), no penalty charge will be made and the client will not be charged any amount for their booking. Except in conditions otherwise stated in the description of the tourist provider or upon the booking reservation. 
* In the event of total or partial cancellation by the client less than 72 hours before the beginning of the service/event the client is to pay a penalty of 100% shall be invoiced to the customer. The same applies if the customer although not having cancelled in whole or part the ordered services isn’t present for these services/events.
* If in the event that a last minute booking is made (less than 72 hours before the date of arrival), all cancellations will automatically incur the full payment of the service to be paid by the client. A penalty of 100% shall be invoiced to the customer.
* In the event where the client doesn’t cancel their booking or fails to show up, he/she will have to pay a penalty of 100% shall be invoiced to the customer (“No Show” penalty charge). 
The amount owed will therefore be taken from the bank card details that were initially provided. 
In the absence of any particular provisions mentioned on the site before the reservation,  any amendments (change of departure or return date, schedules, etc) or any cancellation made by the client incurs the full payment of the service (except in events beyond anyone’s control).
* For any purchase of physical products with postal delivery or pick-up at the Tourist Office on Place Bellecour, this may only be cancelled or refunded prior to expedition of the product or its pick-up at the Tourist Office.

9-4. For any type of bookings and reservations

The cancellation conditions apply to all the tourist services/events on sale from the booking central, except in certain cases where certain stipulations are made in the company and product description upon the booking reservation. 
Furthermore, in the event of reissue/reschedule of a ticket or of a new reservation following a cancellation or a modification made by the client, please be aware that the price of the new booking or ticket can be more than the first ticket or reservation. 

Article 11 – Events beyond our control

The event providers reserve the right to cancel all bookings and change the date of reservations due to these unfortunate events beyond their control.
Such instances can include transport strikes, industrial disputes involving third parties, weather conditions (extreme bad and unusual weather conditions, storms, floods etc.) closures of establishments and geographic areas.
In the event where the tourist provider has to cancel the service before the client has been able to start the activity, another date may well be offered.

Article 12 – Disputes / Complaints

In the case of complaint, the parties shall endeavour to find a friendly solution. In the case of dispute, the General Conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or respect fall within the jurisdiction of French Courts of Law.

Article 13 – Privacy

The ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès websites comply with amended law 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, known as the French Data Protection Act ("Loi Informatique et Libertés") and with the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation.
All information related to the collection and retention of our clients' personal data is methodically kept in a register comprising all appended documents (internal reports, letters, minutes of meetings, etc.) enabling ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès to demonstrate that it complies with the provisions of the January 1978 law and the GDPR, and that it fully exercises the responsibilities with which it has been entrusted in this matter. This register is kept up to date and takes into account all amendments that take place with regard to processing.
Data Controller
The Data Controller for your personal data is: ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès, Place Bellecour – BP 2254 – 69214 LYON CEDEX 02 France ; certain technical services (hosting, duplication, ensuring the reliability of data, client knowledge) are entrusted to our service providers (EQUANCY, strategy consulting firm, 47 rue de Chaillot 75116 Paris, n° SIREN 433 754 066) In accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR, this service provider is bound by a strict confidentiality clause preventing it from using the data entrusted to it in any way other than that defined in the service contract and which forces it to implement technical and organisational measures that shall meet security and personal data protection requirements.

For the processing of data that you communicated directly to us from our website and on the legal basis of the performance of the contract or the pursuit of our legitimate interest.
For the processing of data communicated by our partners and on the legal basis of the performance of the contract that binds us to them:
  • collection and storage of data related to partners’ clients and prospects;
  • processing of client knowledge (anonymised data);
  • electronic communication campaigns related to non-commercial tourism topics on behalf and in the name of all partners.
Purpose of the data processing
The legal basis for the collection and processing of your personal data is based on the technical and legal requirements for the management of clients and prospects as described in simplified standard no. 48 issued by the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). The purposes of the data processing are as follows: management of contracts, orders, deliveries and invoices, accounting and in particular, management of customer accounts and monitoring of the relationship, processing of transactions related to the management of clients, client canvassing operations (management of technical canvassing, standardisation, enhancement and duplication of data), selection of persons to carry out customer loyalty, canvassing, surveying, product testing and promotion actions, drawing up sales statistics and development of client knowledge.

Data collected
For the requirements of data processing whose purposes are described hereinabove, the following data is collected and processed:
  • Identity: title, last name, first names, address, telephone number (landline and/or mobile), fax number, email addresses, date of birth, internal processing code enabling the client to be identified
  • Data related to payment methods: postal or bank account details, cheque number, bank card number, bank card expiry date
  • Data related to the transaction such as the transaction number, details of the purchase, subscription, good or service acquired
  • Family, economic and financial situation: marital status, number of people making up the household, number and age of the child or children in the household, profession, field of work, socio-professional category.
  • Data related to the monitoring of the business relationship: requests for documentation, trial requests, product purchased, service or subscription taken out, quantity, amount, frequency, delivery address, history of purchases and services provided, product returns, origin of the sale (seller, representative, partner, affiliate) or of the order, correspondence with the client and after-sales service, exchanges and comments from clients or prospects, person(s) in charge of the client relationship
  • Data related to payments and invoices: payment terms, discounts granted, receipts, balances and unpaid balances
  • Data related to the selection of persons to carry out customer loyalty, canvassing, surveying, product testing and promotion actions
  • Data related to the organisation and processing of competitions, lotteries and any promotional operation such as date of participation, answers given for competitions and the nature of prizes on offer
  • Data related to contributions from persons who leave opinions on products, services or content, in particular their user name.

Data recipients
The recipients of your personal data are our own management teams and our technical service providers.

Origin of the data
In addition to the data collected on this website, the partner entities of ONLYLYON who forward their client and prospect data can be found on the following page.

These transmissions take place within the framework of a charter of good practice that governs the relations between ONLYLYON and its partner entities.

Retention period
  • Personal data related to clients, which are collected for the purpose described hereinabove are retained for a period of five years following the end of the business relationship. This period takes into account the three-year cycle of residence observed for tourist visits.
  • Data that provide evidence of a right or a contract, or which are retained in compliance with a legal obligation may be retained for a longer period of time and archived in compliance with the provisions in force (in particular those set out in the French Commercial Code, the French Civil Code and the French Consumer Code).
  • Personal data related to a non-client prospect may be retained for a period of 3 years following their collection by the data controller or from the last contact from the prospect (for example, a request for documentation)

Right of access, right to object
  • In accordance with the provisions set out in Articles 38, 39 & 40 of the January 1978 law, you have the right to access, rectify and refuse, for legitimate reasons, the collection and processing of your personal data.
  • Under certain circumstances, refusal to provide required information such as that mentioned above, may consequently lead to it being impossible to register you as a client, or to execute a sales contract for a product or service.
  • Your data may be used for marketing communications, sent electronically via email or text message, from ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès related to products or services in line with those that you have acquired or to which you have subscribed. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you may consent or opt out of receiving this type of communication when your personal data is collected, and this can be done on any appropriate medium (booking, contract, registration, online form, etc.). You may also exercise your right to opt out at a later date by using the ad-hoc link displayed at the bottom of each message sent.
  • Your data may be used by ONLYLYON (Place Bellecour, BP 2254, 69214 Lyon Cedex 02 - France) to send events information about the destination (newsletter) by email or text message. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you may opt out of receiving these messages when making contact or by clicking on the unsubscribe link displayed at the bottom of each message sent.
  • Should you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, send a letter with a copy of your identification documentation to Lyon Tourisme et Congrès - Place Bellecour – BP 2254 – 69214 LYON CEDEX 02 France - Fax : 04 72 77 62 47 - E-mail : [email protected]. We undertake to delete your data within 72 hours of receiving your request.

Article 14 – Use of cookies

ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès ("OLTC", "we", or "our") use cookies to offer you an enhanced web service. Through this Charter for the Use of Cookies from ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès (the "Cookies Charter"), we present in a transparent manner the way in which we use cookies on this site.

What is a cookie and what is it used for?
A cookie is a small text file saved and/or read by your browser, on your device's hard drive (PC, laptop or smartphone, for example) which is generated by the websites that you visit. Almost all websites use cookies to work well and optimise their usability and features. Cookies also make interactions with websites faster and more secure, as long as they can remember your preferences (such as your username and language) by sending the information they contain to the original website (internal cookie) or to another website to which they belong (third-party cookie), when you visit the website again from the same device.
In order to improve our service and your experience on our website, we use "cookies" to measure the activity of visitors: number of pages seen, number of visits, behaviour, etc. These "cookies" do not allow you to be identified but they record information related to your device's browsing on our website. The data collected are reserved for internal use and are not forwarded to third parties.

Use of third-party cookies
Please note that ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès uses third-party services to get to know how you use this website, to analyse the performance of our website and to optimise your user experience. These third parties (for example, advertising networks and external service providers, such as web traffic analysts) may also use cookies that we do not control.

What to do if you do not want to activate cookies?
You may revoke your consent to use cookies at any time by setting your web browser. These browsing options related to cookies are usually found in the "Options", "Tools" or "Preferences" menus of the browser that you use to access this website. However, depending on the different browsers, there may be different ways in which to disable cookies.
Please note that if you refuse the storage of cookies on your device from your web browser, you may continue to browse this website, however, certain sections and options may not work correctly.

Do you have any questions about ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès' Cookie Charter?
If you have any questions about ONLYLYON Tourisme et Congrès' Cookie Charter, please feel free to contact us using the online form: Contact us

Links to other websites and social media
Our platforms may occasionally contain links to other websites from our partners or third-party companies. Please note that these websites have their own confidentiality policy and we do not accept any liability for the use that these websites make of the information collected when you click on these links. We invite you to read the confidentiality policies of these websites before providing them with your Personal Data.

Modification of our confidentiality policy
Occasionally, we may have to modify the present confidentiality policy. When this is necessary, we will inform you and/or seek your consent. We recommend that you check this page regularly to make yourself aware of any possible modifications or updates to our confidentiality policy.

Article 15 – Final Provisions

The fact that the Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office does not take advantage, at a given time, of one of the provisions of the General Conditions shall not be interpreted as being the abandon by it to subsequently take advantage of one of these provisions.
In the case that one of the provisions of the General Conditions is declared null or without effect, this provision shall be deemed not written without this affecting the validity of the other provisions, unless the provision declared null or without effect is essential and determining.
Any case of force majeur suspends the obligations of these conditions affected by the case of force majeure and exempts from all responsibility the party who should have fulfilled the obligation affected in this way.
The Greater Lyon Tourist and Convention Office, an Association under law 1901
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