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From painted walls to street art

Guided tours
From painted walls to street art

When art redraws the city

Lyon is today internationally recognised for its murals. Since 1986, the Cité Création collective has helped produce more than 100 painted walls in Lyon, giving an original look to the city. This street art, initially at odds with official establishments, has become a recognised, more conventional art form and an emblem of Lyon's artistic renewal.

Today, Lyon continues to be a vibrant breeding ground for artists who embrace the streets as an open-air gallery. Many initiatives are being created and associations are carrying out various projects to show the public the vitality and diversity of these street art creations.
Ephemeral by nature, street murals - be they entirely made of glued paper, spray-painted or painted frescoes, stencils, mosaics, vinyl, vegetable moss - show the extraordinary inventiveness of these artists who have notably designated the Croix-Rousse district as the motherland of their creation.
This visit is therefore intended to be educational and evolving. Let yourself be swept away by this city’s new appearance!

Worth knowing

  • Warning: there are many stairs when going down the slopes of the Croix-Rousse.
  • End of the visit in the Terreaux district.

The advantages of this visit

You will be able to discover during this guided tour

  • The Mur des Canuts impression and its evolution
  • Works by street artists
  • A walk on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse

The guides

Claire Claire

I was born in the north of France and decided to come to Lyon about fifteen years ago to finish my studies… and I've been here ever since!

My interest in foreign languages and heritage led me to study for a lecturing guide diploma prior to branching out to accompany groups in France and abroad

Having starting out in Bourgogne, I now work as a guide in Lyon and the surrounding area (Vienne, Beaujolais, southern Bourgogne, Pérouges).

What I still really enjoy about this job are the human encounters and the wide variety of themes broached. It's never boring!

My favourite place in Lyon: Les Jardins du Rosaire… an absolute must!

Bénédicte Bénédicte

My tours invite you to view the city like a tightrope walker balancing between light-heartedness and knowledge, gastronomy and architecture, silk and alchemy, football and botany, cinema and historic periods... And many other subjects that are the essence of Lyon.

Although I'm interested in the world in general, I chose to return to the city where I grew up, not to work but to pursue a passion: guiding visitors through Lyon, my home town. I will take you on a trip through time, from past to future, in a city where you can never be bored, and where there's something of interest for every generation. .

So if you want to discover the different areas in Lyon like a real little "gone" (street urchin), don't hesitate to follow me! I've worn out many pairs of trainers in the traboules and on the slopes of the three hills, I'm acquainted with Guignol's entire repertoire, and know where you can enjoy the best mâchons.

If you're interested, I'll be waiting under the horse's tail!

Charlotte Charlotte

Originally from the countryside surrounding Lyon, I went travelling around the world before returning to Lyon, which many French people rate as the most beautiful city in France, except for their home town of course!

As a child, I always associated Lyon with the zoo in Tête d’Or Park, with its bear, elephants, lions and other animals. Later on, as an apprentice archaeologist in Fourvière, I discovered the city’s history and heritage.

I hope to share my passion for art and history with you during your stay and take you back through time as you discover the birth of this great city in the traboules (hidden passageways) of Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), imagine the sounds of the silk looms on the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill (where the silk industry once thrived), and learn about Lyon through its painted walls in the city centre. In short, I want to share my love for the city!

From Fourvière Basilica to the museums in the Presqu’île district, I know how to get children interested in history and heritage, without forgetting the parents of course! My tours are lively and dynamic, so you can feel the heartbeat of my city and feel at home.

Far away from Lyon, my specialism at university was Egyptology, and my second passion is Japan: once you get me started on these subjects it’s difficult to stop me!

Fiona Fiona

Located at a geographical crossroads, the city of Lyon has always warmly welcomed people of various origins, whether it’s for a drink, a meal, a stay or to live, as it did for me.

As a tour guide, I get to meet people from various regions, countries and cultural backgrounds every day. This is why I decided to study foreign languages (English and German).

Originally from Picardy, I settled in Lyon after tasting life in the laid-back Loire and bustling Paris. In the end, I had the greatest affinity with Lyon.Like Lyon, I love food: the Capital of Gastronomy is a mouthwatering place to be! Like Lyon, I have the gift of the gab: this city has more than 2000 years of history and anecdotes to tell. Like Lyon, I am curious: you need to explore behind the city’s façades and through its traboules to really get to know it. Lastly, like Lyon, I like a laugh: the city’s famous puppet Guignol and its cafés-théâtres are a delight!

Come with me to discover what you share with Lyon!

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2h visit



Guided tour on foot


Meeting place

In front of the Canuts wall painting, at the corner of rue Denfert-Rochereau and bd des Canuts, Lyon 4th.



Metro C > Hénon

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